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Guy Nicholls offers a writing service based in Salisbury UK

My name is Guy Nicholls and I live in Salisbury, England. I’m a writer and a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). When I’m not coming up with words for myself or for clients, I’m usually drinking tea and reading. Or out walking, because the countryside is gorgeous around here. And we’re only eight miles from wonderful Stonehenge!

I expect you’re here because you might be thinking about copy, words or messaging, and looking to get something written. Or rewritten. In other words, you need someone with experience to write some content for you. Well, welcome.

Many businesses use my copywriting to enhance and support their marketing or sales campaigns, but I also write all sorts of other content. For example: help pages, instructions, FAQs, profiles, bios, app content, fulfilment or billing comms.

I have written for lots of businesses, both large and small.

Logos of some of the businesses that have used Guy Nicholls' writing service.
Some of the brands I’ve written for include AWS, Amazon, BT, Dell, Dynabook, Google, Lenovo, Mandarin Oriental, Microsoft, TD SYNNEX, Xerox. More clients…

My work includes blog posts, case studies, emails, letters, press releases, product descriptions, social media posts, guides, video scripts, web sites and web pages (including SEO).

Some examples of type of work

Blog posts – search engine friendly copy about selling on eBay and Amazon.

Web pages – sales and marketing content about a product or service.

Sales and marketing emails – drive the audience to sign up or buy.

Video scripting – words to accompany short films, often animated, about a product or service.

User guides – copy that shows people how to use the product they’ve purchased and how to get help, if needed.

Travel guides – all about a destination and what to do when you get there.

Case studies – challenges facing companies and the solutions they’ve used to overcome them.

Some recent work (2021-2022)

Includes some Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) content work.

Messaging work A to K…

For example: Accenture (video scripts; blogs) Adobe (email), Amazon Web Services (AWS) (e-book), AMD EPYC (web content; script; PDFs; banners), AMD HP (web page), Android Enterprise Essentials (animated video script), Aruba (emails; banners; social posts), ASUS (web content; posts; banners), Broadway Publishing (destination guides; how-to e-book), CDW (script), Cegid (e-book; Turtl), Cisco (web content; infographic), Cradlepoint (PDF), Dell (script; banners; emails; landing page; LinkedIn posts; web pages; PDFs), Dynabook [formerly Toshiba] (web content; emails; landing page; banners; LinkedIn posts; battlecard; script), Eaton (emails; web content; posts; battlecard), EKM (websites), EPOS (emails; banners; posts), Extreme Networks (emails), Google Cloud (emails; banners; web content; posts; battlecard), Fujitsu (web content; posts; banners), Hitachi Vantara (emails; PDF article), HPE (PDF; web content), Infinite Enterprise (emails; posts).

Messaging work L to Z…

For example: Lenovo (posts; web content; banners; emails), LG (banners; posts; web content), Logitech (web pages), Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (press kit; fact sheet; press releases; menus; brochure; web content), Microsoft (web pages), Proofpoint (video script), Rich Interactive (scripts; blogs), Sophos (script), Sublimotion (press kit), Targus (web page; banners; emails; landing page; LinkedIn posts), TD SYNNEX [formerly Tech Data] (misc. copy), Transparity (articles), Ultima (scripts), Wollit (app content), Xerox (banners; battlecard; emails, landing page; LinkedIn posts).

But what about you and the copy you need?

Free of charge, I’d be happy to have an initial chat with you about some copy that you’re hoping to create or improve. I’ll then let you know immediately if I can help.

Thanks for visiting.

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