Case study samples

Here are some case study samples. The samples below also include some web content and some scripts.

Case Study Samples

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Case study samples – a copy extract

Integreon Case Study

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and SharePoint help a company work smarter and save money

“We are absolutely delighted that we made the decision to roll out this stack of Microsoft products. We saw an immediate positive reaction by all our associates around the world and I would very much highly recommend other companies do the same,” said Bob Gogel, CEO at Integreon.

Integreon provides legal, research and business support and outsourcing services to large law and finance firms in Asia, the USA, the UK and Australia. With a staff of 2,500 people, efficiency is all-important.

Case study – business needs

“When I joined Integreon 18 months ago, I was surprised to see we used multiple exchange platforms around the world. This set-up was mainly because of a number of acquisitions we’d made over time and added to the business,” says Bob Gogel, CEO at Integreon.

Using different platforms led to a whole host of issues around inefficiency, vulnerability and cost. Security concerns, worries about back-up capacity, and unknowns about scalability and licensing for fluctuating staff levels all needed to be addressed as a priority.

And to top it all, the sales team was suffering because it wasn’t integrated properly. “You had to have a separate sign-on, it was a complex system – and the training of a new salesperson on the system was quite challenging,” explains Gogel.

Case study samples – the solution

“So we went to our Microsoft partner Ciber and asked them for a solution – this was just when Microsoft had announced Office 365,” says Gogel.

Ciber was able to set up an entire suite of Microsoft products for Integreon, namely Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud with:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for email, office apps, video conferencing and instant messaging
  • Microsoft SharePoint for intranet and document and information sharing
  • Microsoft Lync for remote desktop sharing

“One of the big advantages of going with Ciber is there’s only one door to knock on – and they’ve always been there to help. They have the ability to manage across geographies, and they’re a team that can talk tech with tech people and can talk business with my business people – and that balance is very rare to find today in the industry,” says Gogel.

The benefits – study continued…

With Integreon’s switch to this suite of Microsoft products, all aspects of its business benefited. Use of its intranet, knowledge sharing, finding people, sharing information and collaborating all improved. Microsoft Dynamics CRM drove the business forward and helped the company develop a more robust new business pipeline.

Significant savings

Microsoft Dynamics’ single platform meant important savings in overheads. “We estimate we’ve made about 15% savings on where we were before,” says Gogel.

Better scheduling and time savings

The integrated nature of the Microsoft product suite is compelling and conducive to faster working and results. Now the teams can get a query by instant message, click on Microsoft Lync to have an instant video conference and sort things out there and then.

Case study continues…

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