Why hire a copywriter?

Because they have lots of copywriting experience. That means they know what works when it comes to words.

And they rarely make mistakes in areas like grammar and spelling – two things that can really deflate any messages you’re trying to get across to your audience.

But even if you’re confident with all that, here are half-a-dozen other reasons why people hire good copywriters to write for them.

Six of the best reasons to hire a good, experienced commercial copywriter

  1. We write good, clear, compelling and engaging content (i.e. words or ‘copy’).
  2. We’re versatile and can write to your style and tone of voice, so you don’t have to worry about our content fitting in.
  3. We’ll turn your product’s features into customer benefits and see things from a customer’s point of view, so your customers will always understand what’s in it for them.
  4. We’re great at persuading customers to act (e.g. buy your product), which will help you meet your objectives.
  5. We’ll make your customers feel they’ve made the right decision in choosing your company, so you’ll see less churn and increased lifetime value.
  6. We’ll save you time, so you can focus on all that other business stuff (leaving the pencil chewing to us).

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